Simon Albert, BCAb

Simon has made a business from fundraising and helping to develop and perpetuate the

whole Charity Challenge genre of fundraising. As a young man he participated in the

more traditional types of dare-devil fundraising such as Bungee Jumping and Skydiving,

raising considerable amounts for charity in his own right. As an early adopter of the trekking

and climbing adventure travel charity fundraiser he voluntarily organised two groups

which raised over £100,000.


“Simon has inspired many thousands of people to step out of their comfort zones, push themselves to their limits in order to achieve incredible things. His enthusiasm is infectious”


Simon’s expertise in Adventure Travel has enabled him to move from a pure travel

fundraising organisation to a disaster relief organisation. He enlisted the help of several

corporates in creating a re-building programme after the Tsunami in Sri Lanka. This

programme has now been rolled out to build schools and classrooms across some of the

poorest regions of the world. His organisation has helped 1700 other organisations raise

over £40m.