Adam Black


Adam is an inspirational teacher who uses the power of the media to help him to help others. He is instrumental in bringing to prominence the challenges surrounding ‘Hidden Disabilities’ – in particular, Stuttering. Adam has a prominent stutter which he widely publicises to ensure that people, and particularly children with the disability, take courage and never give up on their aspirations.

Adam’s underlying message to people and children with a hidden disability is that ‘it is OK to be different’, and he supports his messaging through volunteering as an equality and diversity representative for education services in Glasgow. He believes that having someone with a hidden disability speaking out has a positive impact and helps influence decision making. Since 2008 Adam has run a support group which is a safe environment where people can share their experiences and work on ways of coping with their disability.

Adam is acutely aware of how daunting the school environment can be for children with disabilities or learning difficulties, so positively embraces his disability to offer children in his care confidence about the future.

Nominated by: Rachel Black