Adedayo Olowsale


Adedayo Olowsale BCAc

Michael Underwood, Adedayo Olowosale BCAc, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Michael Underwood, Adedayo Olowosale BCAc, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Dayo was honoured for his services to the community with a BCAc, at an official medal presentation held on 23rd January 2020.

Dayo is always going the extra mile to make a positive impact within the whole community irrespective of race, age and gender. He has helped collect more than 7,660kg food donations from Tesco Fareshare providing the equivalent of 18,239 meals to homeless people. With more food beneficiaries showing interest, Dayo has now extended the collection of food from other stores in the community such as Greggs, Waitrose and Tesco Extra.

Aside from food donations, Dayo also initiated the ‘senior meetups’ with funding from the local community foundation, which enables senior citizens in the area to meet up once a week for 2 hours, reducing isolation and depression.

Dayo founded the Nigerian Community Association Aylesbury, a community interest group mentoring young adults back to work and education. He is passionate about community integration and cohesion. He has greatly inspired young people with sports to ensure a more active lifestyle for people within the community. He has engaged individuals with the different projects he undertakes, helping them out of often dark times in their lives, by ensuring they are not alone and have something to look forward to. Dayo’s determination and can-do attitude has a positive impact for all.