Adrian Walker



Adrian Walker BCAo, Michael Underwood, Jo Garner, Insight & Strategy Director, Lime MCP

Adrian set up the charity Chernobyl Children in Need(CCIN) in 1999 after visiting Belarus. He realised that children were suffering from the effects of the disaster at Chernobyl some 30 miles away.

The soil was contaminated and as the families mostly grow their own vegetables, their health was poor as was the standard of living. Since then, Adrian has worked tirelessly to fundraise and has been responsible for many projects that have improved the life for the children.

Adrian is totally committed to the charity and his willingness to go above and beyond to help the families in Ozarichi and surrounding areas is outstanding.

It is a small charity, but takes huge personal effort.

CCIN have raised over £1.5 million in donated goods to enable the children of this area to have a better quality of life. This includes donated bicycles, clothes, food and educational materials. In addition to this, CCIN arrange month-longUK respite holidays for the children affected.

Over 300 of the children they care for are now sponsored, over 400 families are supported by CCIN.

Nominated by: Mary Joyce Harrington