Alan Nethercott



Alan Nethercott with Simran Soin from Places for PeopleEver since Alan, of Alphington, and his late wife attended the inaugural meeting of Exeter Hospiscare some 33 years ago, Alan has shown a passion and interest for raising money and awareness for its ongoing success. Alan’s wife was a nurse with the hospice, and around 20 years ago, Alan decided that his beloved Post Card Collection could be a way of raising some much needed funding, so he began selling postcards from his collection.

Following initial success, Alan decided that he would combine his knowledge of Post Cards with his passion for the hospice, so started to trade in Post Cards. He would source, catalogue and group the cards together before taking them to fayres and specialist markets. At these fayres which he still attends, Alan puts his specialist knowledge to good use to buy cheaply and selling at a higher price.

Initially Alan used members of the Exeter Postcard Club as a vehicle for his sales, but as a regular churchgoer, he has included his fellow parishioners and friends from further afield, who often collect and pass on postcards when they see them. A large portion of his home has been given over to the sorting and storage of the cards, with 30,000 postcards filling his garage, and a further 10,000 in his house. With each postcard selling on average for 20p, Alan has had literally tens of thousands pass through his hands.

Two decades on, he has managed to raise a staggering £100,000 – which equates to about 4,000 hours of community nursing.

Nominated by Sybil Williams