Alex Eades

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East Sussex

Matt Allwright, Alex Eades BCAv, Nicole Hallak, Pampers

Alex lost her 19-year-old daughter to Glioblastoma in 2016.  This is an aggressive brain tumour which kills over 5,000 British people each year and is currently incurable.  Grief was a powerful driver for Alex, and she set up ‘Charlotte’s BAG’ (battle against Glioblastoma).  Since 2016, Alex has overseen and taken part in fundraising just over £190,000 as well as ensuring that Glioblastoma awareness has grown substantially via global and UK media coverage and social media networking.

Charlotte’s BAG has enabled the appointment of a senior neuro-oncologist based at Kings College Hospital. This work includes the provision of much faster results, reducing the time frame it took for Charlotte (four months) to less than a week. This means that patients will receive much more tailored care, enabling them to maintain a better quality of life for a little longer. The results of this research will be shared with the neuro-oncology community worldwide, benefiting people on a national and international level. Every penny raised for Charlotte’s BAG goes directly to research; all expenses are funded personally by the chair and trustees.

Since 2016, Alex has continued to update new and existing followers of Charlotte’s journey via Charlotte’s YouTube channel, which has been viewed over 7.5million times.