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Ally Eloise BCAv

Michael Underwood, Ally Eloise BCAv, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

Michael Underwood, Ally Eloise BCAv, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop

In 2015 Alice watched a documentary about poverty in the UK featuring a young girl who was struggling to attend her end of year school prom. Alice was so moved she used her own 21st birthday money to buy prom dresses from charity shops to loan. She built a website and began loaning free of charge prom dresses to young people who would not otherwise have been able to attend their school prom.

There was an instant demand as there is nothing like this in the UK. Alice created a charity called ‘Prom Ally’ so that every young person could feel, and be, included when it came to their end of year prom. The charity grew with more young people using the service, but also now other young people are donating their own prom dresses and even suits for boys. The service is completely free of charge and completely confidential.

One of Alice’s proudest achievements was supplying prom outfits to a charity for children with brain injuries which allowed 30 young disabled girls look and feel beautiful at a prom themed party. Since setting up Prom Ally many youth organisations, schools and charities have requested help in setting up groups in their own local communities.