Amanda Root, BCAa


Amanda Root, BCAa

Amanda Root BCAa receiving her Medal from Co-Founder of the BCA, Mike Faulkner

Amanda Root is a British screen and theatre actress who believes in the power of the arts to help individuals recover from painful experiences.

Amanda founded Talitha Arts in 2010, which began as a volunteering workshop in India for girls rescued from sex-trafficking and violence. It is now a UK registered charity, doing groundbreaking work. The Talitha teams have been delivering therapeutic arts workshops to safe houses for women rescued from trafficking and sexual exploitation in the UK, and also facilitates programmes for women living with or coming out of domestic violence.

Although Amanda always stresses that Talitha Arts is a group effort, it was her vision. Thanks to her leadership, Talitha Arts now includes actors, musicians, dancers, artists and arts therapists. Throughout the year, Amanda organises training sessions for her team and secures outstanding speakers so her team offers a highly professional service.

Talitha evaluates each process thoroughly and always tailors its sessions to the specific group/organisation. The feedback from participants over the last few years has been remarkable and includes many testimonies of transformation, increased self-esteem and self-discovery from participants in India and UK. One of the most powerful things about Talitha sessions are that they work on two levels; supporting the individual but also encouraging group connection and relationship building.
Nominated by: Alexandra Ghose