Andrew Baker



Andrew Baker BCAv, Michael Underwood, Jo Garner, Insight & Strategy Director, Lime MCP

Andy suffered a brain injury at birth and spent his early life in the Special Care Baby Unit.

Despite learning difficulties, he has achieved incredible grades in his A-Levels, surpassing his teachers’ expectations.

Andy began raising money at the age of 14 for the Oxford Children’s Hospital Appeal in gratitude of the medics who had treated him through his childhood and the major brain surgery he endured aged just 12.

Andy has raised over £70,300 for charity, £51,971 of this being for the Oxford Children’s Hospital. The biggest impact has been Play2Give,Andy’s own fundraising organisation set up in 2007 which growsyear-on-year.

Play2Give started as a single event which has turned into the fundraising organisation that it is today with the help of a team of volunteers.

Currently Play2Give are making a long-term pact to achieving £40,000 for the Children’s Hospital, once this happens a room will be designated in Play2Give’s name, and currently they are £700 away from this lasting legacy.

Andy will not stop until he achieves this very special goal.

Nominated by: Linda Latter