Andrew Clarke-Coates



Andrew Clarke-Coates BCAh, MU, Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder Specsavers

Andrew and his wife Zoe set up the Mariposa Trust, in 2012 to provide support for those suffering from any form of baby loss.

They were inspired after recognising that every other charity made a distinction based on gestation or whether the baby had breathed at birth.

Having lost five children themselves, and realising how little support was available, Andrew set about creating a charity to address this problem, sinking all his time and energy into ensuring others were not left alone.

Andrew is constantly trying to break the taboo of baby loss and raise awareness of how people can support those going through loss.

Mariposa Trust has been granted a stakeholder role by the NHS, meaning that the charity will be consulted on policy going forward, leading to much better support and consideration for bereaved parents.

In just four years the online portal has grown to support 50,000 people a week, and the website has over 650,000 hits monthly.

Andy is an inspiration and often a lone male voice in a female dominated sector, leading from the front often sticking to his guns to make changes in society.

Nominated by: Emilie de Bruijn