Andrew Davies



South Gloucestershire

Andrew Davies with Lonnie Mayne (L) & Lord Dholakia (R)

Operating in an area of high priority in South Gloucestershire, Andrew teaches children and young adults the discipline and technique of the martial art, Taekwondo.
He is one of the most highly decorated specialists being one of only three non-Korean 9th Dan’s.
He has trained Olympic athletes, professionals as well as always making provision for local residents and children of limited means.

He visits schools and community centres to demonstrate techniques, introducing life skills and antibullying strategies. Andrew is known for his traditional teaching disciplines of Taekwondo Martial Arts, and is committed to delivering high teaching standards which the sport demands, being a former nine-time British Champion and a European Silver Medal winner.

Andrew recently gained centre accreditation status with an official qualifications awarding body and is now able to deliver a series of fully endorsed national sports coaching awards, being the first of its kind in the country.
Andrew has again worked to reduce the costs of these qualifications in order to make them more affordable and accessible to everyone.

He encourages the benefits of sport, healthy eating and is a role model for the local community. He has been instrumental in creating a Centre of Excellence in the deprived area, which has injected pride and positivity within the local community. He has taught the art for over 20 years, and the community support was overwhelming when the site of the centre was threatened with redevelopment: he was able to collect over 800 signatures in support of the centre.
Nominated by Cllr Shirley Potts