Andy Jackson



Andy Jackson with Dame Mary Perkins, Patron of BCA, Co-Founder of SpecsaversAndy, of Bradford, first began volunteering for Cancer Research UK Race for Life events in 2005. In 2010 Andy was made redundant from his job as customer service assistant in a call centre, and found himself a temporary evening job whilst continuing to volunteer at Cancer Research UK.

When Andy’s temporary work came to an end, he began volunteering as a youth leader at his local church where he taught children bible stories in a deprived community. In 2011, Andy formed Cancer Research UK Bradford fundraising team, which has raised over £225,000 in under four years through various activities such as collections in supermarkets and train stations and visiting local businesses.

He is not only passionate about the success of Bradford fundraising group, but he also travels to Carlisle and York to support other new fundraising groups, supports them with fundraising ideas, managing accounts, applying for grants and setting ambitious targets to aim for. Andy thoroughly enjoyed volunteering as a youth leader at his local church, and it inspired him to retrain as a teaching assistant. After a year of studying, Andy qualified, and is currently undergoing further training to allow him to work in a school. In the meantime, he has taken on another volunteering role as a reading mentor in schools, helping children to improve their reading skills.

The aim of this volunteering role was to gain valuable work experience whilst helping children’s education. Although Andy has been out of work for five years, he has remained positive and committed to volunteering and helping other people, whilst caring for his mother and holding down several simultaneous volunteering roles.

Nominated by Rachel Speight-McGregor