Arun Patel, BCAh

Having been diagnosed with Polio aged 1-yr old this remarkable man has gone on to

positively impact the lives of over 1,000 children living with the condition.

Having invested his own funds into a charity to help victims, Arun and the charity has

now helped over 200 girls to learn in a safe environment many going on to graduate

from university. From the outset Arun was adamant that the administration fees for the

running of the charity should be borne by the charity’s trustees enabling every penny

donated to benefit a child in need. None of the board receives recompense for their

work further enabling the money to benefit more people in need of help. Through his

efforts since 2002, his charity, Polio Children, has raised £1.2m to fund projects for

poor children with Polio in India. Whilst in India he soon learned that the boys had a safe

environment to live, but the girls were bussed to a seedy part of town – so he pledged his

own money to build a hostel near the school, a year later 140 girls moved into a safe living



“Most impressively Arun continues to champion his cause while fighting his own battle with post-polio syndrome that has now left him almost wheelchair bound”