Asher Lewinsohn




Michael Underwood, Dr Asher Lewinsohn BCAh, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Michael Underwood, Dr Asher Lewinsohn BCAh, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Asher is a qualified Senior Registrar specialising in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care within the NHS.   In his spare time over the past decade he has used (and continues to use) his medical talents and skills to be there to help other people whenever and wherever they need.

He has been integral to establishing and maintaining the Edgware branch of a volunteer emergency ambulance service charity group called Hatzola. This charity provides a 24/7 rapid emergency ambulance response service for the entire local community and has also responded on behalf of the London Ambulance Service as community first responders. He is head of training and a Senior Medical Officer helping to support and advise ambulance responders on and off scenes, and in doing so brings his medical expertise, energy, specialist knowledge and skills together to help care for other people.

Asher is also a BASICS critical care response doctor for East of England ambulance service working alongside other clinicians and the NHS ambulance service to respond to serious 999 emergency calls. Through his volunteering Asher is doing more life-saving work, giving his time freely to a particularly demanding role given that it covers such a large geographical area, with often complex, difficult and emotionally challenging calls.


Nominated by:  Lisa Urinov