Ashley Jones, BCAc

Baroness Wilcox, Ashley Jones, Duncan Slater – BCA Ambassador

Ashley Jones has transformed the way that the voluntary sector provides protective services for the expanding, older adult population of South West of England and South Wales. He recognised the issue of criminality targeting the vulnerable senior community with deception type crimes and scams in late 2009 and had the foresight and vision to see the impact this may have upon an ever expanding and aging population. He took decisive action and created a charity to support society’s most vulnerable citizens.
From very small beginnings of 4 volunteers who gave safety presentations in a much localised area, he has grown the SCLT to a registered regional/national charity of more than 25 core volunteers, who now provide safety presentations and specialised advice to thousands of older adults throughout South West England and South Wales every year.
Ashley somehow manages to juggle the demands of his very high intensity day job (Detective Sergeant in the CID of his local police service) with a normal family life and volunteering with the national veteran’s charity. He devotes literally every hour of his very precious spare time to the running of the Senior Citizen Liaison Team always leading from the front in the delivery of service.
In 2012 he personally oversaw the creation of the Senior Minorities Outreach Team within the charity and he supervised the additional training of a number of key volunteers to deliver this pioneering element of the SCLT crime education service. Characteristically, Ashley led this project from the outset, building an enduring personal relationship with the groups such as the Ahmadiyyan Muslim community. The ground breaking work of the Senior Minorities Outreach Team has subsequently been recognised with a Diversity & Equality Award in 2014.