Audrey Johnson, BCAv

Audrey is a mother of five who set up a food bank through her community church in

2012. A unique aspect of the food bank is that it distributes to over 100 families per

week without the need for referral – making it more accessible and easier to use

for those in need. The level of destitution in Audrey’s neighbourhood in Greater

Manchester means that the tea, coffee and soup that visitors receive before

their food parcel is distributed gives a welcome respite for many of the most

needy in society. In addition to dispensing the food parcels,  Audrey visits

supermarkets and shops weekly to collect food.


“Without these actions many families would go nights without food and would become desperate when it comes to providing for their families”


She finds time to offer counselling to those that need it.  She is well-respected for her

selflessness in helping others whilst being extremely busy with her family and her

fostering. She runs a Christian Camp annually for up to 100 children and has to date

fostered three new born babies.


“I feel it is now that Audrey deserves some form of recognition for the years
of unending support 
she has provided selflessly to the community”