Barbara Craig, BCAh



Barbara Craig BCAh receiving her Medal from Lonnie Mayne, President of InMoment

As a result of her involvement in a local health initiative called Prime75+, Barbara recognised that loneliness and social isolation are common in our ageing population and that both can have a devastating impact on an individual’s health and well-being.

Inspired to address this situation in her community, Barbara set up a group called ‘Nosh & Natter’ which enables local people to come together and socialise. Barbara organised the first meeting and provided a homecooked three course meal with the help of a local friend and group member, charging just a small fee to cover the cost of the meal. ‘Nosh & Natter’ has now grown to a monthly meeting which is attended by approximately 80 people per time.

Barbara not only created this successful group, but has made it an enjoyable experience for everyone involved. This is due to her ability to organise, and also because of her drive and enthusiasm for making a difference in her community. Not content with growing and evolving ‘Nosh & Natter’, Barbara has now also started organising ‘Trips for You’ locally. This provides an opportunity for those who do not get a chance to go away for whatever reason, to enjoy a trip.

Barbara’s impact has been incredible, bringing pleasure and enjoyment to so many lives. She has truly contributed towards reducing the number of people who are lonely and isolated in the community.
Nominated by: Dr. Karen Clarke