Ben Haggarty


Ben Haggarty, Michael Underwood, Lonnie Mayne, Founder Red Shoes Living

Ben has been running the Crick Crack Club for 30 years, performing the increasingly rare art-form of storytelling. Despite having a professional career and a family to support, he gives his time freely.

The community of professional storytellers in Britain has around 500 members, all of whom are aware of Ben’s position as a key advocate for their art-form.

He is an innovator, promoter and co-founder of the hugely influential Beyond The Border International Storytelling Festival, and was recently awarded an Honorary Professor of Storytelling at Berlin University of Arts.

His work with Yoya Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble, saw him performing to massive audiences and his work as a goodwill ambassador for the British Council is also extremely high profile.

Recently,Ben has been pouring his energy into a group of younger storytellers working to develop a new form of stage storytelling inspired and informed by the Pandvani Singing tradition in India.

Ben works with all ages in education and is a strong advocate at national level for the art of speaking, which can be overlooked in UK schools.

Nominated by: Dez Quarrell