Bevan Johns

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Bevan Johns BCAv

Michael Underwood, Bevan Johns BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Michael Underwood, Bevan Johns BCAv, Jan Hemstock, Experian

80-year-old Bevan first volunteered in 1954 when he joined the Sea Cadets. Having embarked on a career as a firefighter, he volunteered afterwards for a further 40 years. Unlike many other volunteers Bevan has created a significant legacy during his time with the organisation. Aside from having a positive influence on over 3,000 cadets many of whom came from a troubled background, Bevan is singularly responsible for the continuing existence of two units.

When he originally joined Islington Corps they were meeting in a school hall. After sourcing a suitable disused electricity substation, Bevan drew up plans to create a building that felt like a ship. After raising £17,000 the building work commenced. The finishing however was carried out by Bevan and the Cadets, giving Bevan an excellent opportunity to personally teach them practical skills. The finished product had a marine barracks, 10 bunks on the top deck, a bridge, sick bay, quartermaster lobby etc.

His second significant input was when Waltham Forest unit was about to be closed after the Commanding Officer and other staff were suspended. Bevan could not allow the 60 Cadets to be disappointed so stood-in as Temporary Officer in Charge to ensure the continuity of the unit.