Billy Birch




Michael Underwood, Mally Birch, Will Gore, The Independent

Michael Underwood, Mally Birch, Will Gore, The Independent

Billy Birch, formerly of Ellesmere Port, dedicated 26 years of his life to fundraising for local causes, raising a sum in excess of £113,000. He was nominated to receive The British Citizen Award, but sadly passed away before he could receive his medal.

Billy was very well-known and highly respected in his local community and dedicated his fundraising to the memory of his late wife, Sylvia. His campaigning to raise money to purchase equipment needed by local voluntary organisations saw him relentlessly dedicating his time and energy to making a real difference. Funds he raised benefitted various groups, but the biggest beneficiary was undoubtedly The Countess of Chester Hospital.

His fundraising was prolific, not only did he gain support from organisations for his causes, but he suggested fundraisers that they could implement to ensure they donated the largest amount possible. This pulled the community together, a community which Billy held close to his heart.

Billy’s Medal and Certificate will be presented to his sons Mally, Neil, and daughter Cheryl and will be displayed at Ellesmere Port Library for the entire community to share.


Nominated by:  Amanda Foy