Brian Jones

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Medalist Group - Terrace, House of Lords

Medalist Group – Terrace, House of Lords

Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Whilst on an overseas trip to Ghana, Brian witnessed the level of educational poverty and the lack of basic educational resources. The environments that enable children to learn and pursue their individual ambitions without barriers were absent. Returning to the UK, Brian set about building a programme that would make a sustainable difference to children across Ghana and in particular, supporting schools in the more rural and deprived areas. He believes that given the right equipment and learning environment, children will excel, irrespective of where they started in life.


Brian collects redundant school furniture, mostly chairs and desks from across England, after cleaning and repairing them he organises the transportation and distribution to schools in need across Ghana. To date he has provided more than 5,000 chairs, desks and other furniture to dozens of schools, creating effective and engaging learning environments for children.

The recipient schools receive little or no public funding but provide critical and often the only educational support to the most deprived children. Brian appreciates he is unlikely to ever meet the recipients of his endeavours; however, this is less important than knowing he has supported these children to achieve their own ambitions.

Nominated by: John Jones