Brian Kay BCAv & Mary Kay, BCAv

Baroness Wilcox, Mary and Brian Kay, Will Gore from The i Newspaper

Mary and Brian have been ever-present members of the hospital League of Friends for the past 44 and 45 years respectively. They are both now in their 80’s but still as energetic and enthusiastic as ever. Committed to finding new and innovative ways to raise funds to support the good work of the League.

 “They are shining examples of British citizens”

This year they contributed to the League raising £140,000 and during their years of service have contributed to it raising in excess of £2m. Regularly visiting patients in geriatric wards who would otherwise not have visitors the pair are committed to the cause. Each Christmas Day they wrap presents and take them to the wards for the elderly. Still today they regularly make box collections outside stores, and are generally involved in all aspects of fundraising. The money raised goes to help the hospital but some is diverted to supply holidays for underprivileged and vulnerable children and day trips for the elderly.
The pair are instrumental in bringing Emergency Packs to Wythenshawe, these are supplies of emergency toiletries for those admitted to hospital before they have had the chance to pack. Even through ill-health they have continued their support of the League and continued their unstinting good work.

“The worst thing about this work is that as you get older the corridors get longer” quoted Brian.