Bruce Ferguson





MIchael Underwood, Bruce Ferguson BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Michael Underwood, Bruce Ferguson BCAc, Will Gore, The Independent

Bruce is 81 years young and has spent the last six years bringing lonely elderly residents together for lunch. He does this seven days a week to reduce isolationism in the community and to give back to a community that he has enjoyed for many years. Bruce will collect and deliver hot meals to Purcell House, a local sheltered housing scheme.  Many of the residents no longer have family who visit them and can often feel lonely, but since Bruce started visiting, he has provided a vital service.

For many years, Bruce worked for a company which delivered meals as his full-time job, but after he retired he felt he wanted to continue in a similar role as a volunteer, giving something back to his community.

Bruce delivers up to 49 meals every day of the week.  He is giving the elderly, isolated and vulnerable a reason to interact with others. When it snowed earlier this year, Bruce came to their rescue and turned up daily in bad conditions to ensure the residents had everything they needed.

Bruce makes an incredible difference, voluntarily and wholeheartedly to individuals that would otherwise feel lonely and isolated.


Nominated by:  Angie Shuck