Caitlin Jones





Michael Underwood, Caitlin Jones BCAv, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Michael Underwood, Caitlin Jones BCAv, Des Benjamin, BCA Ambassador

Caitlin, aged 22, has been raising awareness and funds for cancer charities after losing her Dad to the disease when she was aged just 12. She channelled all her grief into doing so, not just for a short period of time, but has continued to do so for 10 years, raising almost £30,000

Caitlin’s passion for East Lancashire Hospice started when she received counselling after losing her Dad. She is a frequent visitor and her regular chats with the patients keep her passion alive.

There are many examples of her dedication and achievements including, ‘Show Your Knees For Nigel’ – the name of her Dad. For this fundraiser she simply asked for people to wear their shorts to work or school and pay one pound each. This attracted a great deal of attention and involved promotion with the Blackburn Rovers Football Club manager, the local radio station visited a participating school or business each day to broadcast, and it achieved plenty of local media interest.

She has shown a great deal of tenacity in raising funds and was determined to raise a further £10,000 in recognition of 10 years since her father died.


Nominated by:  Gail Grosvenor