Capt. Tristan Loraine, BCAi

Tristan Loraine learnt to fly at the age of 17 before he could drive a car.  In 2001, as a Health &

Safety representative for the pilot union BALPA, he received a call from a fellow pilot who had

become sick from exposure to contaminated air in the work place.

This call changed Tristan’s life.  He sought information on the discovery that a serious health

and safety issue existed, the air passengers and crew breathe on all commercial jet aircraft is

provided unfiltered from the compression section of the engines and can become contaminated

by jet engine oils.  There are no detection systems in aircraft to warn when these events occur.

He raised his concerns with the union membership and was elected to investigate matters


By 2005 he had organised the first major international conference on this issue, which took place

in London.  BALPAs General Secretary closed the conference confirming that there was a serious

work problem that could impact the travelling public globally.

These issues were first known by military and major manufacturers in the 1950’s.  Consequently,

Tristan was instrumental in establishing in 2006, a global body called Global Cabin Air Quality


He still holds the position of Co-Chairman to this day on a voluntary basis.


“Captain Loraine is a person who not only cares deeply about others, but has the drive, determination and vision to seek changes to problems.


Tristan re-trained at the National Film and Television School and in 2006 made three

documentaries on these issues, the first triggering two calls for a public inquiry in the UK.

The film ‘A Dark Reflection’ made with extensive UK film industry support is due for limited

theatrical release in the UK in February 2015.


“His efforts will in the future help make air travel safer for everyone and this is why in part, I am nominating him for a British Citizen Award”.