Carlos Dennis




Michael Underwood, Carlos Dennis BCAv, Pat Egan, Places for People

Michael Underwood, Carlos Dennis BCAv, Pat Egan, Places for People

Carlos has had a positive impact on his community initially utilising his connections in the music industry, inviting gang members into a music studio to offer them an alternative to street culture, and for the past nine years establishing and running PINT (People in Need Today).

Carlos had a business based in Stockwell in the heart of a local council estate, where he would often talk to gang members and try to help them and offer encouragement if they were willing to talk to him.  As a result of his experience Carlos discovered that a lot of the teenagers living locally, were homeless or couch hopping, surviving day-to-day.

Inspired by this, Carlos launched PINT, where households donate what they have left over from their daily lives, to feed and aid the homeless. He utilised his expertise in marketing to raise awareness and donations along with help on the ground. The fight to help others in need has taken him across London to see homeless people regardless of areas or background, gaining their trust, listening to their stories and inspiring them to have some hope and encouragement.  PINT is about making a difference and helping in a positive way without suffering any financial burden.


Nominated by:  Kunal Gosai