Caroline Bestwick

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West Midlands

Matt Allwright, Caroline Bestwick BCAh, Jonny McQuarrie, One Stop Stores

Children’s tooth decay is a growing medical concern often overlooked. In Wolverhampton around 15 children each week, some as young as two year’s old are having multiple teeth extractions under general unaesthetic the biggest admission for children into hospital.

Caroline is the oral health specialist for Wolverhampton and works at Special Care Dental Service, where she has dedicated her time to community groups and hard-to-reach families, going way beyond the remit of her role. She attends all of the special needs schools helping those with compromised health conditions and works closely with playgroups and nurseries reducing the number of reception children starting their school life with bad dental health.

Caroline has also engaged with the homeless community for three years and offers advice and guidance to help address dental concerns.  She will attend soup kitchens and hostels on a weekly basis, offering guidance and one-to-ones for those suffering from alcohol or substance abuse.  She has also set up a drop-in clinic to allow easier dental access for the most vulnerable groups including those with mental health issues, anxiety and a those with a fear of being judged for never going to the dentist before.