Caroline Shearer, BCAc

Caroline tragically lost her son to knife crime when he was aged just 17 years old. Overnight

her life changed from being a Mum and Foster Carer to being the mother of a murdered child.

Four short weeks later she took decisive action and started an awareness charity to educate

young people of the dangerous consequences of carrying weapons.


“She has delivered her Weapons Awareness programme to over 20,000 school children
across Essex within just one year”


She has supported all of her son’s friend in their grief, she continues to drive home the message

at every possibility to young people that carrying weapons has devastating consequences.

She now travels the country addressing schools and youth groups and has the support of several

police forces. Driven by grief she strives to ensure no other mother loses her child to mindless

knife crime.


“She has made a massive change in the local community, lots of people are helping
to get involved and its really helping the community get together and make a
difference on a big scale”


Her charity is Only Cowards Carry which has raised enormous awareness at a local and

national level.