Chantal lockey, BCAh

Baroness Wilcox, Chantal Lockey, Dame Mary Perkins – BCA Patron

After losing her own daughter to cot death (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) aged just 6 weeks old, in 2004, Chantal Lockey (who was 24 at the time) has worked tirelessly for a decade to train student midwives and counsellors in the taboo subject of infant loss. She has created the Foundation for Infant Loss Training and is a pioneer for breaking down barriers.
She is:
PhD scholar -The use of social media for bereavement support following a perinatal loss
Author – Several books published – one a guide for professionals in the medical profession working with infant loss and other self-help books for bereaved parents.
A international trainer in infant loss and bereavement, including presenting at the world renowned First Candle conference in Baltimore, USA
Director of The Foundation for Infant Loss Training and The Foundation for Infant Loss Prevention.
She has:
Developed a E Learning course of 30,000 words in infant loss and bereavement which is studied worldwide
Run raining sessions for health care professionals and funeral staff
Run training sessions at 50 venues across the UK annually for child care professionals in reducing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome, Chantal believes that education will mean babies lives will be saved
In her spare time Chantal supports bereaved parents, often late at night or at weekends. Chantal has distributed her books that are aimed to help bereaved families at her own expense – over 25000 copies.

“She is a super woman who is always wonderfully kind to us in the office. She really does deserve some recognition as she is making such a difference in this area”

Because of Chantal’s determination, passion, commitment and desire to ensure that fewer parents suffer unnecessary infant loss, thousands of professionals have been trained in the subject.