Charles Callaghan, BCAv & Donald Franks, BCAv

Charles and Don are two retired gentleman who have collected a staggering £347,000 for

Jospice in Thornton, near Liverpool.  They have stood in all weathers outside stores and

sports grounds and are well known around Merseyside for their efforts.  The magnitude of

their achievements with just a handheld collection box (and probably often an umbrella) is

enormous and the effect their fundraising has had for the recipients is quite enormous.

They initially started collecting as they heard the Jospice needed a new bed.  They wanted

to see if they could raise £1,000 for the new bed and 14 years later have nearly reached



“For two retired gentlemen to take on collecting for a local charity in all weathers

outdoors, without reward is enough to make these two men stand out”.


By raising £347,000 they have enabled many terminally ill patients to die in peace in the

lovely surroundings of Jospice in Thornton.  They have also raised public awareness in

Merseyside by their collecting.


“Don, in particular is known for his singing and dancing whilst collecting”