Charles Claydon


Charles Claydon with Lonnie Mayne (L) & Lord Dholakia (R)

Londoner Charles, struggled with his own mental health since a young age, and became a Samaritan volunteer in 2013 to help those in need of support when feeling suicidal, lonely or suffering with grief.

Charles suffered from depression and anxiety since primary school, which was undiagnosed until he was in his early twenties. He wanted to do more to help others struggling with mental health, and decided the best way to do this was to share his own experiences. In 2014, Charles launched his own mental health organisation, My Mental Health, which can be found online at

Charles built a website and created his own YouTube videos to start sharing his own story. The aim was to make others realise that they were not alone. Charles’ hard work was acknowledged by Stephen Fry, who struggles with his own mental health and is president of the mental health charity Mind.

Stephen tweeted about the work Charles does to his 11.4 million followers, helping the website to grow even more. Whilst also working full time for the Financial Ombudsman Service, Charles recognised the need for increased support within the work place and forms part of a committee at work that offers mental health support to colleagues.

Charles is trying to change the culture within the workplace and hopes to roll this out across the country, starting with the financial district in London, where he sees a huge amount of stress, a lack of support and understanding, and unnecessary struggle.

Nominated by David Harper