Charles Hustwayte, BCAc



Charlie Hustwayte BCAc receiving his Medal from Lonnie Mayne, President of InMoment

Charlie is accredited with being the single saviour of New Addington Boxing Club, where young people, many from under-privileged families would find a purpose, discipline and sport to keep them from an alternative life of potential crime.

Many of the boys who came to the club were from poorer backgrounds and many did not have male role models in their lives to guide them. This is where Charlie really fitted into this community. By opening three nights per week, he encouraged many angry young boys to find an appropriate outlet for their anger, later teaching them to channel it to the sport, and generally giving them a place where they could belong.

‘He taught us the art to defend ourselves without being a bully. He got us fit, kept us off the streets, gave us a sense of pride, taught us to face our fears, and turned us kids into proud young men’. Ex-offenders were welcomed, and the club was also used as a place where some offenders spent their community service hours – all remained members long after.

‘No-one who spent time at the club has anything but fond memories, all our lives have been influenced. All hold Charlie in high esteem’.
Nominated by: Maxine Stanford