Chris Clark


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Chris Clark, Dame Mary Perkins, BCA Patron

Chris, is renowned as one of the world’s best sea anglers, a former World Champion who has won 23 world medals. Following a near-fatal accident in 2001, and suffering devastating injuries Chris
decided to devote himself full-time to supporting youngsters in the sport and making it more accessible.

As coach of the Under-16 team, he has taken them across the world to compete, often using his own money to cover costs. But the 68-year- old is adamant that the sport should be available to all and not just those who can afford to fund it themselves. Over the last 3 years Chris has had a lead role in developing and coaching on the Angling Trust Talent Pathway, a training programme designed to help Junior anglers transform into world class anglers.

His dedication to coaching young talent helps to ensure that these young people have a solid role model and learn values that they may have otherwise not experienced. His nominator said: “He has made a huge impact by sharing his knowledge. He teaches young people how to improve their fishing and imparts a vast wealth of knowledge of the sport”.
Nominated by: David Graham