Chris Morrison



Chris Morrison, Michael Underwood, Lonnie Mayne, Founder Red Shoes Living

While studying at the University of Sweden in 1997, Chris became involved with Convoy of Mercy, a charity providing aid to displaced Bosnians during the war.

Soon after, realising the need for help would remain as acute after the war, he launched Care Highway, whose aim is to help in areas of the world where people are suffering and are in great need through catastrophes caused by man or nature.

Being independent means that it can deploy without the constraints of bureaucracy, avoiding conflict with governments, political factions, ideologies, economic or religious interests.

Care Highway served the Bosnian community for six years, expanding its services to education, pre-school equipment and a computer centre which was eventually absorbed by the local community.

On a mission in war-ravaged Serbia Chris was confronted by enemy soldiers, beaten and left for dead. A local recognised him and took him to the makeshift hospital – rather than deterring Chris, it only served to strengthen his resolve to do more to help.

For 19 years Chris has been devoted to helping those less fortunate than himself.

Nominated by: Eileen Morrison