Christine Higgott


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Christine has, for 20 years been at the centre of Windmill Hill community. Even now, in her 70’s she is still involved in supporting existing groups and creating new ones. Christine runs Art on the Hill, an annual community arts trail through the local area, and also manages a small art gallery in the town.

Her energy is boundless and her pride in the local community is second to none. She still organises volunteers to maintain flowerbeds at the local park and railway station, always assisting herself and joining in with even the most mundane chores.

Until recently, Christine was managing bookings, events and fundraising for the completely volunteer-run community centre.

She was previously chair and still actively helps with the dayto-day running of the centre. Most recently she has launched the Windmill Hill Senior Club, providing a lunch group and other activities to prevent isolation among the elderly population. Since officially ‘retiring’ from her role at the community centre, she is busier than ever with the new groups she has created and is widely accredited with keeping the community centre open.

Nominated by: Jim Haywood