Coral Kelham

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Coral Kelham BCAc

Michael Underwood, Coral Kelham BCAc, Jan Hemstock, Experian

Michael Underwood, Coral Kelham BCAc, Jan Hemstock, Experian

In 1964 Coral Kelham was a founding member of the Barrow Methodist Chapel Ladies Circle. This group was set up to provide a point of contact, support and friendship for the young women of the village as the village began to grow. As the group developed it became a focal point of community activities and fundraising for the Chapel. From the outset, Coral contributed greatly and enthusiastically to the success of the Ladies Circle.

Coral has consistently for 50 years helped organise stalls, Church Mini Markets, yearly Christmas Bazaars and using her resourcefulness has raised thousands of pounds for various local charities. A popular fundraiser in the community has been a Fashion Show and Coral has been the first to volunteer to model the clothes and is well known for her stylish and humorous modelling skills. Now aged 86 she is their longest serving member and is still a vital part of the group that brings the community together.

Coral also belongs to a rare blood group, A Rhesus Negative, of which only around 7% of the population share. As a result of this, for 26 years until she reached the age limit of 70 in 2003, Coral gave blood 1-3 times a year.