Daphne Sharp Elaine Dunlop


Daphne Sharp BCAc, Elaine Dunlop BCAc, Michael Underwood, Ian Christian, Partner, Irwin Mitchell LLP

In 2009 Daphne and Elaine started Monthly Alzheimer’s Support Evenings (MASE), which sees the silent sufferers (carers of people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s) enjoying an evening of respite with people that understand the challenges that they face daily.

This is often the only place that carers do not feel alone – where they can exchange stories and gain a greater shared understanding of the conditions of those that they care for.

The charity is unsupported so relies on intense fundraising enabling it to supply a buffet, refreshments and entertainment for each of the meetings, which are held at five venues monthly attended by 70 people in each group.

The pair were inspired when Daphne’s brother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and Elaine’s Mum suffered from Dementia.

MASE meetings are supported by 40 volunteers, and for those that have difficulty travelling, the group arrange transport to ensure accessibility. In fact, if any ‘silent sufferer’ needs support outside of the meetings Daphne and Elaine make themselves available. MASE is now a referral group for GPs, Memory Services, Alzheimer’s Society and Dementia Support Workers.

Nominated by: Robert Pitcher