Darran Saunders, BCAc & Courtney Saunders-Jones, BCAc

When Darran’s son Conner (Courtney’s brother) was killed by a gang of youth’s aged just 19,

mother and daughter’s distress was compounded by mocking taunts on social media.

They endured the outcomes of the high profile court case but the social media campaign

against them added a whole new distressing dimension. Yet instead of reacting as some might

expect, they decided that they would channel their energy to educating young people about

the dangers of violence to try to prevent any other family having to bury a loved one.

Unknown to them, Conner had signed a ‘Gift of Life’ donor card, and this has improved the

lives of 5 other people. They are now advocates of Organ Donation which forms part of their

education programmes.


“The fact they had to contend with certain horrible elements on top of that grief is staggering”


They offer help and guidance for others who are grieving and have set up a foundation

in Conner’s name which raises funds and donates defibrillators to local football

teams and schools – 12 have been donated to date. They offer professional football

coaching in schools for youngsters with disabilities and have raised enough funds

to have a multi-use games area built in their locality in memory of Conner.