David Evans


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, David Evans, Dame Mary Perkins, BCA Patron

David is an engineer who has worked tirelessly for the past four years to provide educational opportunities for children in areas ravaged by war, helping children and students in Iraq, Syria and

Despite jeopardising his career, he continues to help thousands of children, refugees, and students.
Without support, alone, and desperate for help, David has organised science lessons for children hosted by world leading experts from CERN, NASA and the National Space Society.

In Diyarbakir, he helped a mother and child group, providing teddy bears for up to 100 youngsters and additional supplies including notepads, pencils, crayons and footballs after their stores were robbed.

His nominator said: “David wanted to not only give them some comfort and hope, but also give them an opportunity to better their lives. I was the victim of a bus bombing back in 2005, David could feel angry about this, but instead, he is determined to make things better for future generations. He believes that people can achieve so much more than the violence that surrounds them with the right support.



Nominated by: Douglas Evans