David Hardy, BCAc

Baroness Wilcox, David Hardy, Martin Field from Pall-Ex

David volunteers for two community led groups, the Patient Participation Group since 2009 and the Locality Patient Congress. David gives up a lot of his own time to support the many activities associated with healthcare at various times throughout the year. During Flu Season he actively supports the Practice during the weekend clinics, by helping and signposting patients and promoting other services for the practice such as on-line booking systems and the Beat the Cold Project.

“David really is one of the unsung heroes for the NHS. He receives no pay or benefits and gives up huge amounts of his free time generously and without exception. He uses whatever skills and abilities he has in order to give back to his practice community”

 David does not work for the NHS, and due to ill health, was unable to volunteer heavily until 2009. Since then he has been an active supporter of the Patient Group, and from 2011 has served on the North Staffs Patient Congress. David has been involved with the group since its inception in 2009 and the nominator hopes that he long remains a member.

 “David has brought consistency and continuity to the group and has proved to be a real leader, motivator and innovator in this group”.

He was motivated to participate because the Doctors “never gave up on me, I’ll never give up helping them”