David Wase


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, David Wase, Will Gore, BCA Ambassador

David has devoted almost 60 years to supporting his local hospital to raise millions of pounds for vital equipment. He first started working with the League of Friends at Kidderminster Hospital in 1959, becoming chairman in 1972.In that time, he tirelessly led the League in its fundraising activities to become one of the most effective and successful Leagues in the country.

From a small charity it has developed into a major organisation raising thousands of pounds every year to support hospital staff and activities. David has taken on more than 100 volunteers and 17 trustees during his tenure.

One of his biggest achievements was raising more than £400,000 in under six months in 1999 for the Milbrook Suite, which provided a number of kidney dialysis beds saving patients having to travel long distances for their regular treatments.

Fred HollandBCAh, his nominator said: “David stands out above everyone else and is an amazing person. Over £4.5million has been contributed since he’s been involvedthrough donations, appeals and profits from its second-hand shops, coffee shop and refreshment service trolley.”


Nominated by: Fred Holland,BCAh