Deborah Slator

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Matt Allwright, Deborah Slator BCAv, Matt Glover, Unity Trust Bank

Deborah is the founder and chair of Defibrillators for All, a registered charity established in 2013.  Inspired by the death of a close family friend from cardiac arrest, Deborah has worked tirelessly to create a charity to install defibrillators in the local area.  Whilst working at Royal Mail, she obtained her first aid education and was determined to ensure more public access to defibrillators was available together with more information on how to use them. She has devoted all her time to charitable first aid activity.

Deborah has raised more than £100,000 to install and maintain forty-five public access defibrillators across the town of Whittlesey, this is more per head than any other town in the UK.  The town has a population of 16,000 people.  Deborah also provides help, advice and support to other schemes in nearby towns.  She has raised considerable public interest for the need for CPR.  Thanks to Deborah, no one in Whittlesey is more than 5 minutes away from a defibrillator.

Deborah has also supplied defibrillators to all five local schools and through a series of talks at school assemblies, has inspired every child to know what to do if they came across a cardiac arrest.