Denise Fergus


Hi Res Denise Fergus, Bradley Walsh, Alison Eddy, Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

Denise created the James Bulger Memorial Trust following the loss of her son in one of the UK’s most heinous and infamous crimes. The Trust funds respite breaks enabling families the time to heal away from the pressures of the crime and away from the media.

Since 2011, 125 families (nearly 700 people) have been helped. But to reach and help more families, Denise developed KidsFest, a community Fun Day where families can meet to exchange experiences, 14,000 people have attended to date. James’ case changed the way that the law views and treats victims.

Denise’s brave and committed fight for justice means that the Victim Impact Statement is now enshrined in UK & EU law. It was this development that set Denise on the path to help other families that were victims of crime. Setting up the Trust took a huge amount of personal effort for Denise: to have James thought of positively and not let the nature of his death define him, and to stop blaming herself for what happened was a huge personal battle.

Nominated by: Stuart Fergus