Dennis Jones

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Matt Allwright, Dennis Jones BCAc, Adrian Carter, Big Bus London

In 1994 when he retired, Dennis’ daughter got him involved in his granddaughters’ school.  He started to teach the children how to play chess, for an hour at lunchtime as a volunteer, once a week.  When another grandchild started a different school, he offered to do the same there on a different day.

The clubs became so popular that he has between 15 and 25 in each school year in both schools.  He is a great role model, encouraging the children to think logically, forward plan and compete in a fun way.  Not stopping there, both schools needed help with the football after school club, so he started volunteering there, helping with both football and cricket, at the mere age of 80.

For over 18 years he has dedicated himself to volunteering at two primary schools.  The chess club took part in national challenges, which resulted in some children attending regional competitions.

“It is rare that a school has the benefit of someone like Dennis who gives so much of his time freely to enhance the children’s life and educational experiences in an extracurricular capacity. Mr Jones is loved by teachers and pupils alike”.