Donald Mackenzie



Dr Donald Mackenzie, Michael Underwood, Lonnie Mayne, Founder Red Shoes Living

Dr Mackenzie has been an active guardian of the town of Lymington since 1981, undertaking several community roles and being a significant donor to local charities, Oakhaven Hospice, St. Barbe Museum and the Solent Music Festival.

Through his determined efforts and commitment to the community he has been instrumental in the regeneration of the St. Barbe Museum overseeing the upgrading and enlarging of the museum. Donald was responsible for preventing the demolition of Masters House, which stands on the site of the old work house, preserving the history of the town.

He led the project to restore the monument of Admiral Sir Harry Burrard Neale – Lord of the Admiralty.

He created the website, generating funds to landscape the land surrounding the monument so that instead of an overgrown wasteland there is now open community space.

At a time when many rural and coastal towns are suffering from a downturn in fortunes or the threat of over-development, Donald has chartered a course which has seen the town maintain its heritage and improve its appeal to the community.

Nominated by: Rt. Hon Sir Desmond Swayne TD MP