Dorothy Rundle, BCAo

For the past 14 years Dorothy (or Deri as she prefers to be called) has been committed, firstly to

supplying sustainable water supplies in Rwanda, and latterly being involved in everything from

Education to Health and Family Planning. Fitting her charitable work around everyday life,

she has been instrumental in helping to develop improved conditions for hundreds of local

children and adults. Not only does Deri fund her own trips paying for her airfare and insurance for

her 3-month long trips, but she even paid for the first water tank.


“In 2012 Deri had a book published entitled ‘Never Again’, describing the personal life and death struggles of Rwanda’s people, and her own heart-rending and often hilarious experiences, whilst living and working in Rwanda”


When Deri is in the UK she gives talks and interviews to raise awareness and attends around

20 events each year – raising funds on a monthly basis. Her biggest impact has been the

education enabling people to become self-sufficient, education of family planning and education

of children at primary, secondary and university levels.


“One boy did well at University and worked for sponsorship to gain his Masters degree in Europe”