Dr. Ann-Marie Wilson, BCAo

Dr Wilson has always had a heart for those at the margins, having joined the Red Cross

as a volunteer at the age of 6, before getting a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award at age 18.

She worked in the corporate world and ran her own business for 11 years, whilst

volunteering for four and a half months of the year. Dr Wilson then volunteered in Africa

for two years before closing her business and working full time in aid work in five African


There was a catalytic moment for her whilst working in West Darfur having met an 11 year

old girl with her child, who experienced FGM at age 5 and was raped and orphaned as her village

was burned and everyone killed, at age 10. Dr Wilson trained in basic Midwifery in Pakistan and

volunteered at Forward, an anti-FGM charity.  She has since started a research, advocacy

and community networks charity, 28 Too Many.


“Ann-Marie embraces the challenges she sees and once she decides to champion a cause,
there is no stopping her focus!”


Dr Wilson has worked in nine countries just in 2014 and 28 Too Many has published six country

reports on FGM in Kenya, Uganda, Ethopia, Tanzania, Sierra Leone and Mali, three more being

published by Summer 2015.


“She inspires and influences many, yet has had little formal recognition”.