Dr Bill Webster

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Matt Allwright, Dr Bill Webster BCAh, Nicole Hallak, Pampers

Originally from Scotland, but latterly residing in Ontario, Canada, Dr Bill Webster has changed the way that bereavement services are offered today. When his wife died suddenly in 1983, there was little understanding or support of the difficulties and trauma faced by the remaining family. Bill was determined to provide a solution to support anyone in a similar situation.

Understanding the first port of call for a bereaved family is often a Funeral Director, Bill began to work with the National Society of Allied and Independent Funeral Directors, facilitating seminars and, to this day, supplying articles for their newsletter

He was fundamental in creating a Grief Counselling and Support element at one of the points of extreme distress, making the process far more empathetic for those suffering loss. This enabled funeral directors to understand the far-reaching consequences of the family of the bereaved and to deliver services suitable to their specific needs.

Bill formulated a ‘Community Bereavement Support Facilitator Course’, which has paved the way for Funeral Directors to hold their own regular local bereavement support groups.  Bill’s ‘The Grief Journey’ approach combines education, empathy and encouragement as part of a comprehensive package of grief support methods and materials.