Dr. Diahanne Rhiney


TV Presenter Matt Allwright, Dr. Diahanne Rhiney, Will Gore, BCA Patron

Dr. Rhiney is one of Britain’s leading domestic abuse campaigners who turned her focus to the area of domestic abuse after surviving a murder attempt by her former partner.

She dedicates hundreds of hours a year to mentoring young, single mothers, fostering children from abusive backgrounds and establishing her domestic abuse charity ‘SWIM – Strength With In Me’. Her work provides ways to ensure young people are as confident, balanced, heard and equipped as possible.

Frequently speaking at schools, universities and to groups and organisations, she uses her multiple platforms and enterprises to raise awareness on the social, psychological and political issues that most effect women and girls.Last year, Dr. Rhiney formed an All-Party Parliamentary Group to have healthy relationships taught in all UK schools as compulsory.

Dr. Rhiney has also set up the Rhiney Awards, which support under-privileged people through university. She says: “I think you have to give people a sense of hope but as a nation we’ve become too selfish. We should remember that no act of kindness is too small”.


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