Dr. Mark Sims, BCAv



Dr Mark Sims BCAv receiving his Medal from Dame Mary Perkins, Co-Founder of Specsavers

Having stage four malignant melanoma diagnosed in early 2015 has not stopped this remarkable young man from doing all he can to raise funds for Cancer Research. Mark’s cancer was originally on his scalp when he was aged 15, but sadly it progressed into secondary tumours. Mark began his fundraising within days of the latest diagnosis and also writes about his experiences. He managed to return to work briefly, part time in A&E, has appeared on the BBC TV programme ‘When I kick the Bucket’ (with Rowena Kincaid), has spoken on Radio, and presented at Conferences. Marks blog is www. wrestlingmelanoma.com.

Mark writes with startling honestly and his blog and fundraising efforts are inspiring others to find meaning in their life, and to do their part in fundraising for Cancer Research. The fund is now at £62,132 (May 2016). From the day of diagnosis Mark has wanted to raise awareness of this disease and has put the interests of others first.

Mark’s experiences are not only helping other cancer patients and their families but also helping doctors, nurses and support workers who work daytoday with cancer patients.

Since February 2015 both Mark’s blog and the TV documentary have inspired many people and created a chain reaction to make a difference to beat cancer on a practical level.
Nominated by: Susan Sims